SNL and the Double Bind for Women in Politics

9 Oct

The overly-effeminate portrayal of Palin reflects one side of the double-bind where many people judge feminine women as lacking the appropriate characteristics for leadership. On the other side of the double-bind, the unfeminine portrayal of Clinton illustrates how women who act powerful and confident are subject to character attacks. However, because leadership qualities are expected of men, male politicians are not subject to this critique when they act like leaders. For example, Poehler as Clinton describes her “road to the White House” as “I scratched, and I clawed,”—words with negative connotations which would never be used to describe competitive men with ambition.

via SNL and the Double Bind for Women in Politics.

Excellent piece looking at women in politics and the SNL sketches we all laughed at.

If you’re not familiar with the “double bind”, go read Marilyn Frye’s seminal essay “Oppression” RIGHT NOW.


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