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Some updates on the state of women in the world

21 Sep

Newsweek‘s cover story this week is “Where Women are Winning”. Inside, they offer a few things worth checking out:

The Global Women’s Progress Report, looking at where in the world women are doing well, and where they’re, uh, not.

The Best Places to be a Woman, based on several criteria that they lay out.

The Worst Places to be a Woman, based on the same criteria.

Women on Top, female politicians and others in positions of power around the world.

Be inspired!


Women’s Initiative update

16 Sep

Hello! Hi! This is our shiny new blog, and I’m breaking it in. “I” being Abby, one of the members of the e board (the others are Tiffany, Heather, and Emily). We’ll be posting information about our events, about current events, interesting things we read, and pretty much anything else we find we suddenly want to share.

Check out our resource page, and please contribute to it!

Yours in Steinem,